This educational and cultural portal is fully sponsored by the non profit organizations, International Educational & Cultural Exchange Foundation, Zheng He & Islamic Civilization Foundation and Maritime Archaeology Museum, (MAM, ICOM No: 29766) Institutional Member of International Council of Museums, ICOM, UNESCO, United Nations, for the promotion of cultural enterprises and entrepreneurship for developing countries in Asia Pacific region, under the sustainable development of Malaysia cultural economy and cultural industry.

Trigometric Group has actively participated in series of cultural activities of Malaysian government, among those are BN Kongsi Kuasa, Aman Malaysia (Malaysians For Peace), OIC Gallery, also aggressively in promoting cultural hobby and collections for youth and student, under the KL International Money Fair 2001, 2003 & 2004 at PWTC. Also, issuance of Old Postcards Series jointly with PERZIM, Melaka State Government, and publication of Malaysia Banknotes & Coins.

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Mission Statement

TRIGOMETRIC GROUP (Trigo) is a cultural and educational entity, newly incorporated in year of 2002, is specially designed for the world of youth and students of Malaysia , also for youth and academic community of this region in general.

This cultural and educational community of Trigo has been actively promoted series of events in PWTC and MINES exhibition center in 2002-2005, among those are 2 nd , 3 rd & 4 th KL International Money Fairs, where Trigo professionally presented with our
(i) “Zheng He Pavilion”,
(ii) “ Islamic Arts & Culture Pavilion”,
(iii) “ Islamic World Banknotes”,
(iv) “ World Banknotes Pavilion”,
(v) “World Stamps Bank”,
(vi) “World Stamps and Banknotes Trading Port ”,
(vii) “Melaka Islamic Money 15 th -17 th century Pavilion”.

Our Vision & Our Strategic Partners

Trigo has invited our smart partners and sponsored 7 representative Provinces of PRC China Numismatic Society, People’s Bank of China, headed by the Director General of China Numismatic Museum, Professor Dr Tai- Zhi-kiong, Professor Dr Zhou wei-rong, with 7 Pavilions be set up to represent China, and introduce various culture and numismatic world of PRC, for our Malaysians and ASEAN countries.

Richard Doty as President of UNESCO-ICOMON (Money & Banking Museums, UN) cum Director of Smithsonian Institutes, Washington DC, as our strategic partner, also participated and fully supported our TRIGO & MAM events, as our invited guest for this International Money Fair (KLIMOF) in 2004. Bank Negara also sponsored the Luncheon Talk for Richard Doty as the Guest Speaker for the day at PWTC.

Trigo also jointly sponsored and conducted a series of Road Shows Gallery of “ BN Kongsi Kuasa 50 th Anniversary” at Stadium Merdeka, “Aman Malaysia (Malaysian’s For Peace) at Dataran Merdeka and OIC Gallery at Putrajaya.

Preservation of World Shared Heritage Is Our Mission & Priority

For the preservation and promotion of Melaka Cultural Heritage, Trigo also jointly issued the historical old postcards of Melaka 100 Years of Past & Today in 2003, which has been officially launched by YAB. Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Bin Mohd Rustam on April 2003, it has been widely circulated and recognized as State Gift of Melaka Government, now displayed and sold for public at all museums of PERZIM (State Museums of Melaka Corporation).

TRIGO and its non profit organizations, NGOs,(i) International Numismatic Foundation, (ii) International Educational & Cultural Exchange Foundation,(iii) Zheng He & Islamic Civilization Foundation,(iv) International Museums & Antiquities Foundation and (v) Maritime Archaeology Museum ( MAM www.mam-museum.com), an institutional member( ICOM Membership No: 29766) of International Council of Museums, ICOM, UNESCO, United Nations, also actively participated in international conferences, seminars and meetings of ICOM, ICOMON regionally. Trigo also participated at the level of national & State academic and cultural activities of Malaysia , especially of “Sustainable Development: Culture & Tourism”, and “Money & Banking Museums” under ICOMON.

Executive Summary

Trigometric Group and its non profit organizations is in the process of launching series of educational and cultural exchange programs FY 2006-2008, especially in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions, only for the purposes to encourage and to lead more students towards the way of preserving our national cultural property, conservation of our Malaysia natural heritage and cultural heritage, under the concept of “Malaysian Cultural Corridor” , where all those cultural products are classified as our Malaysian “Cultural Enterprises and Cultural Industry” , in fact, is our new Cultural Economy of Malaysia.

Generally speaking, these cultural products can be deem as our Malaysian cultural assets and museum collections. Promotion and Cultivation of this cultural cum educational hobby of stamps, banknotes, old and ancient objects and collectibles items, which Trigo has conducted those events and activities in 2002-2005, in fact, are part of our cultural & educational focus and top priority.

Trigo is in the process of launching its online portal to encourage and to educate Malaysian youth and students to learn the e-world as the basis of our K-economy and Global Knowledge. We are heading to e-market our Vision, our Identity, our Dream through our window www.worldbanknote.com which we target to empower it as first of its kind in this region, for online marketing and trading, for the e-generation, and also for this ICT world. Hopefully this educational & cultural portal can be publicly listed in our capital market by end of 2008, is the e-educational portal for the youth and students in particular, for collectors and hobbyists in general.

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