While putting up this site, we stopped often to smell the (roses?) banknotes and stamps. Putting up content for this site makes us think how to bridge that gap – how do we make first-timers see and appreciate the hobby of numismatic and philatelic, a more (scholarly?) sounding name for banknotes and stamps respectively.

When a friend first reared Japanese koi fish, he asked his son to join him in looking at the beautiful fish swimming in the pond. The son asked ‘Can the fish be eaten?’

When Do We Start?
Usually a collector ‘starts’ a beginner off by giving some free nice looking notes. These are usually very cheap but visually appealing.

Awareness, Appreciation


Common questions people ask?

1# where’s Foroyar?

2# this money can use or not?
note: similarity between “fish – can eat or not?”.

3# if 2# above is ‘can’, then ‘what’s the exchange rate?’
note: we try naturally to guesstimate a value.